People are bound to occasionally encounter incredible moments because life is full of many distinct events. They may feel as though they are walking in the sunshine on the edge of the clouds as a result of this, which can make their nerves jangle with excitement.


As Tagum Doctor’s College Inc. (TDCI) commemorates its 15th anniversary of foundation, numerous competitions and historic events were conducted. Students from various departments ignited a fire under their abilities and skills by showing the splendor of Philippine festivals.

The festival of festivals, a much-anticipated event, was conducted last September 9, 2022 at the atrium of Tagum City Hall. Where the nursing department makes sure that the Sinulog Festival will be fed and cared for and commemorate the infant Jesus Whereas the department of radiologic technology (Radtech) provided vivid photos of the background to the Kadayawan event. All across the Maskara celebration, the pharmacy department that provides unique the recommended and appropriate medications smiles. Through the Dinagyang celebration, the Senior High School Department (SHS) also commemorates the feast of the child Jesus. Steadily for the past but not least, the Medical Laboratory Science Department (MLS), which infuses our soul and mind with the beauty of flowers and the Panagbenga festival.

After enduring numerous challenges and hardships, the competitors gave in to all of their emotions and gave it their all with the aim of bringing home the trophy that everyone strives, winning. However, just like in other events, only one winner will be chosen, and the Nursing Department successfully performed the Cebu City ritual dance. This was then followed, in that succession, by the departments of Radtech, Pharmacy, Shs, and MLS.

All faces were painted yellow, as everyone are still proud of what they show and presented during the performance. They know within themselves, that they provide everything that they can. They did their best to impress everyone, and prove to themselves that they can slay the dance floor with the presence of burning passion to dance, and inspire people to go out inside their nutshell.

Everyone may not bring the bacon with their respective departments, but the main premise of the competition is to celebrate and commemorate the day as the most pleasurable day at TDCI. Therefore, today marks the 15th anniversary of the birth of the haven.

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