About The Course

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is a four-year degree program that focuses on the effective delivery of pharmaceutical services. It involves the study on the impacts and properties of medicines and the proper giving of advice on the use of the prescribed medication.


The leading academic institution in terms of Pharmacy Education in the city and neighboring provinces.


The mission of the Department of Pharmacy is to translate innovative and scientific studies towards optimal health outcome of the people. It is also committed to develop pharmacist who are competent, people-centered, God-fearing, ethically imbued, globally competitive, research-oriented with respect to the various transcultural differences of mankind and to the preservation of national heritage.



1. Exhibit profound disposition of the principles of the practice of pharmacy as a science, art and profession.

2. Employ interdisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological, and health sciences in the practice of pharmacy as a science, art, and profession.

3. Establish a deep understanding on pharmaceutical care on patient-centered health care.

4. Perform a comprehensive and thorough knowledge on patient-centered pharmaceutical care practice.

5. Apply updated information and new technology in the field of industrial pharmacy.


1. Render complete, understandable and accurate drug and health information to clients.

2. Involve in research and development to generate knowledge to address local and national issues.

3. Innovate new pharmaceutical products for the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation and treatment of diseases of man and animals.

4. Perform interpersonal communication skills efficiently to patient and clients through prescription reading, writing and transcribe appropriate usage of medication and regimen to provide pharmaceutical care.

5. Exercise leadership and management skills in the delivery of pharmaceutical services

6. Calculate correctly different pharmaceutical problems guarantying safe, quality and excellent services to the clients.


1. Eagerness to work independently and collaboratively with other health allied professionals in the delivery of optimal health care to clients with passion, dedication and commitment.

2. Perform duties and responsibilities professionally, socially and ethically imbued individual.

3. Involve in continuous pharmacy education and actively participate in various organizations to keep abreast national and global competencies and excellence in providing quality pharmaceutical care.


1. Uphold Filipino history and culture through proper use of traditional medicines and folkloric practices and to contribute innovation to the pharmacy profession.  

2. Exemplify Christian values in the student’s personal and professional undertakings as TDCian in the service of the institution’s mission.

3. Exhibit inherent pride as a Filipino Pharmacist and be responsible in the practice of the profession.