Liyang is an Ata (one of the indigenous tribes of Davao del Norte in the Philippines) handicraft which directly translates into a basket. It is intricately woven by the Ata women which serves as the repository of traditional cloths, armors, pieces of written literature and even religious items. The art of weaving Liyang is being passed on from generation to generation. It is the witness of the Ata tribe’s rich cultural history.

Liyang today, will be the International Multi-disciplinary Research Conference, pioneered by Tagum Doctors College, which shall gather experts, academicians and practitioners on the fields of allied medical sciences sharing their best practices, discoveries and innovations which will have son create an impact in the community. Like its traditional purpose, it shall be a repository of scientifical tested, scholarly articulated and reviewed and technically proven practices worthy of applying, emulating, sharing and further studying.

This is Liyang, TDCI’s chronicler and repository of generational research findings.

Liyang Conferences