About The Course

The College of Nursing commits itself to the search of excellence and formation of God-centered Filipino Nurses who are professionally competent, caring, dedicated, compassionate, environmentally-concerned and service-oriented who shall contribute to the health care delivery system, technologically, locally and globally.


The Department upholds its commitment to continuously aspire for academic excellence and to the attainment of the highest moral integrity and global competitiveness in the various areas of laboratory medicine.


The department of Nursing upholds the principal goal of the college, to be the leading dynamic non-sectarian nursing school in the city and its neighboring provinces.


To achieve its mission, lays down the following:

1. Develop intra – personal and interpersonal values among student nurses with God as their model and inspiration.

2. Provide vital and essential nursing education that enhance student nurses critical thinking relevant in nursing practice and nursing research.

3.Provide learning experience for growth and development to become a holistic professional nurse.

4. Help preserve the dignity and worth of the health care consumer regardless of race, gender, color or creed.

5. Help maintain and improve, whenever possible, the comfort level and abilities and to preserve the highest quality of life among Filipino people.