The gathering of many familiar faces, the recollection of past memories, the challenges and goals that were aimed before drifting apart, yes, this is definitely an event where every person goes to relive the “Glory days” within their Beloved Alma mater and rekindle the bliss of once being a student.

Written by: Prince F. Quirante, RN

Alumni homecoming from the word coming home that celebrates life, success, and memories that have instilled upon us, in the 4 years of what our alumni had gone through is a permanent mark that will always be cherished and remembered. I myself had a lot of expectations in preparation with this grandiose event that only had a weeks to be prepared , a lot of overthinking and plans to implement which drove me apart from my sanity temporarily but brought me to a conclusion that being an alumni and faculty at the same time really withstood to my principle, that this one time in a year event must uphold to  the expectation of my fellow alumni’s and moderators that will be held successfully. The day of the event has started butterflies around my stomach have been circulating, as the time goes by in a glimpse of celebrating our Alumni Homecoming only a few people  had arrived in the end we still pushed it through , apart where I felt we could have done better just by observing we still made this a memorable event in the eyes of our guests and invited faculty members. This is where it struck me that this was our first event prepared within a few weeks , what more if we had the time in our hands to prepare within months? And it has pushed my urge to make things better that I know there is still more to improve on, “We had started from scratch but we are just touching the surface”. The support of our beloved president professor Manuel Dennis E. Molina, MBA in this eventful gathering and community pantry that was done during the morning session in Tagum Doctors College inc. was a remarkable experience to see his trust given to us built our confidence within the people who helped during the program proper and of course for the people who had given their donation to help us financially for commemorating this  task. I hope that this will not be the last event we will be hosting because we know in ourselves there is still a lot to improve and seeing smiles of people who really had an impact in our college lives and strangers  will always be a priceless memory that will always be a driven passion for me to reflect and continue on.

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